12 May 2008

Orphfund doing great things at Rose Street...

For regular visitors to The Rose St. Artists' Market, you'll no doubt recognise the sight of Steve Argent collecting loose change at the front gate. But where is the money going.

Well, you'll be glad to hear that 100% of all money collected each Saturday goes directly to communities around the world, building orphanages and schools to help street children that are alone and vulnerable due to poverty, disease, war, natural disasters and injustice.

Orphfund is a grassroots organisation and so far, through their involvement at our Market, they have managed to raise thousands of dollars.

Now you can help Orphfund by voting for them on the Myspace Impact Award. It only takes a second to vote but will make a huge difference to the communities they help.

All people need to do is hit this link and vote for Orphfund!

Voting is open until May 23...

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