03 October 2008

Mousse Magazine | New Issue | N. 15

Mousse | Oct-Nov 2008 | Out now!
Mousse Magazine
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Mousse is a bimonthly international contemporary art magazine. Each issue contains essays, interviews, conversations, artists' projects, and columns from correspondents in international art capitals. As of September 2008, Mousse is internationally distributed and can be found at museums, institutions, bookshops and concept stores in major European cities, including Barcelona, Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna, and Zurich.

In issue 15 ….

_Massimiliano Gioni traces a portrait of Klara Liden and her seemingly post-atomic world.
_Jennifer Allen sheds light on the multiple capacities of images: to trigger affinities, to alienate, or just to leave us indifferent.
_Caroline Corbetta, in a conversation with Ragnar Kjartansson, investigates the artist's cultural influences and the decadent nightlife of Reykjavik.
_Michele Robecchi gives an overview of the steps that have led Cristoph Büchel to become one of the highly-regarded and feared artists on the contemporary scene.
_Cecilia Alemani explains why Ryan Trecartin is the poet of Generation Y.
_Anna Daneri shows how Roland Flexner's work constructs layers, condensations and galaxies where the viewer's gaze and imagination can wander.
_Raimar Stange interviews Natascha Sadr Haghighian about her fictitious artist, Robbie Williams, unveiling the mechanisms behind the glamour of a solo show.
_Chiara Leoni investigates João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva's fascinating philosophical chimera.
_Max Hernández-Calvo follows Armando Andrade Tudela through Peru, reflecting on the slippery nature of Modernism's shared terrain.
_Alessandro Rabottini roams among the thoughtful apes and approaches the LSD-laced fountains of Klaus Weber's installations.
_Paola Nicolin rummages through the fragments and ruins of Pablo Bronstein's universe.

NEW YORK: Cecilia Alemani goes back to the Land... Art. A 9000-km long road trip through remote deserts and valleys, on the trail of Robert Smithson, Donald Judd, Walter De Maria, Michael Heizer, Nancy Holt, James Turrell, and others.

LOS ANGELES: Andrew Berardini zeroes in on the relationship between images, incantations, agony, and the figure in the work of Matthew Monahan.

LONDON: Alli Beddoes, Ryan Gander's studio manager, accompanies us on a visit to the English artist's current works-in-progress.

BERLIN: Christiane Rekade explains why Mandla Reuter's simple acts create shifts in the exhibition context that open up the possibility of unexpected situations.

PARIS: Francesca di Nardo introduces us to the mystique of Aleister Crowley, father of the modern occult, founder of a mysterious abbey in Sicily, and tutelary numen of the Palais de Tokyo.


_Andrea Viliani presents his new column, CURATOR'S CORNER
_Milovan Farronato interviews Sterling Ruby
_Gigiotto Del Vecchio writes about Kitty Kraus
_Francesca Pagliuca interviews Simon Dybbroe Møller
_Miroslava Hajek and Marco Tagliaferro talk with Franco Vaccari
_Elena Bordignon visits Ettore Favini's house
_Luigi Fassi interviews Davide Cascio
_Roberta Tenconi introduces Alberto Tadiello
_Vincenzo de Bellis interviews Ahmet Ögüt
_Markús Thór Andrésson writes about Reykjavik

ARTIST'S PROJECT: David Maljkovic, introduced by Ana Janevski

And much more…

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