15 June 2009

King's Way

Kings Way is, without a doubt, the most significant piece of literature on the beginnings of Australian and in particular Melbourne’s graffiti culture that has ever been produced. It acts as a bible, chronicle and visual encyclopaedia of the evolution and rise of this influential subculture through 80s and early 90s and pays tribute to Melbourne’s early writers and crews that helped build their city’s international reputation as a graffiti style capital.

Mapping the progression of styles, influences and key players in the graf scene the attention to detail is unmatched. Over the last two years co-authors and Australian graffiti veterans Duro Cubrilo (the man behind the Rose St. Market wall), Martin Harvey and Karl Stamer have painstakingly crafted Kings Way into a 384 page book featuring over 12 hundred full-colour images with contributions by over 60 people including the likes of Bathy, Chose, Duel, Duet, Krisy, Merda, New2, Paris, Peril, Puzle, Ransom and Ron the Train Driver. A serious task.

As well as the regular edition of the book which will be available from July 1st, 2009 for AUD$64.99, the guys will also be releasing 200 hand-numbered limited edition versions of the book which feature a protective slipcase box, foil detail, unique end paper design and images and are each individually signed by the authors.

Don’t sleep on this one.

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